Monday, July 23, 2012


Thought I might give you all a chance to get in on this pre-order action.  I have 2 pre-orders open at the moment. (I will make a second post for the pictures of items included in this pre-order).

The first pre-order are Petti Rompers/Glitter Petti Rompers.  You can find all the details here if you are on Facebook.  You have the size options of s,m,l,xl, and xxl.
Pricing for Petti Rompers:
S,M,L $10ea. (reg. $15)
XL $12ea. (reg. $17)
XXL $14 ea (reg $19)

Pricing for Glitter Petti Rompers:
S,M,L $12 (reg. $17)
XL $14 (reg. $19)
XXL $17 (reg. $21)

Sizes for Petti Rompers (remember these sizes are just for reference):
Small = 0-6 months
Medium = 6-12 months
Large = 12-24 months
XL = 4-5 years
XXL = 6-7 years

***This buy will be canceled if there's not enough orders placed***

And the second pre-order will be children's fedoras (there are options for boys and girls ages 2-4 years).  You find all the details here if you are on Facebook.
Pricing for Children's Fedoras
All Fedoras: $9.50 (Will be $15)
***This buy will not be canceled***

How does this work?

You will receive these items at a discounted price (as stated in the Details above). Because these items will be coming directly from my supplier you will have a longer wait time before you receive your items (that's why you get the discount). Wait time is usually around 4-6 weeks after the buy has closed, but shipping time varies depending on the time of year, the items and the supplier.

When you are finished shopping  message me your order and let me know you would like me to invoice you via Pay Pal.  At this point your transaction is "official".  There's a limited number of spaces I can allow per pre-order, so make sure that you get your order to me ASAP in order to secure your spot.

What will my invoice include?

You will receive 2 separate invoices. 

The first invoice (sent at the time you request to be invoiced) will include:
$2 Buy-in fee (this pays for the ink/paper/etc. I use printing invoices, shipping labels and the time for sorting all the items).
Cost of your items
*Most Pre-Orders will charge you shipping to the Hostess and then shipping to you, your invoice with these pre-orders WILL NOT have shipping charges for the item coming to me because, quite frankly, I don't think it's fair for you to have to pay shipping twice*

Your second invoice (sent after items arrive to me and before they are shipped to you) will include
Shipping cost to you
10% customs fee (if applicable)
Is there anything else I need to know?

Currently these pre-orders are available only to those in the US.

There is a limited amount of participants that I can accept in each Pre-order. If there is enough interest in a particular pre-order, I will include a second group.

Your spot in the pre-order is not considered "official" until you have requested that I invoice your order. If your invoice is not paid within 24 hours (excluding Sundays) your order may be canceled.

If you fail to pay your second invoice, you will not receive your items and you will not receive a refund for your original purchase price.

If there are items that you definitely want, but you are still deciding on others, you may message me on Facebook or contact me and ask me to "save" certain items (Please use "PRE-ORDER SAVED ITEMS" as your subject line). Your spot in the pre-order on these items will be temporarily saved. Please remember that there may be people waiting to take your place if you change your mind, so be respectful of other's time.

Some pre-orders will be canceled if there's not enough interest to meet minimums. Those that have already paid for their items will be given a refund. 
Both of these Pre-Oders will be placed mid to end of August.  You may start ordering now.  Please note that PAY PAL IS REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN THESE PRE-ORDERS. (Sign up here for free).

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