Thursday, July 5, 2012

Can't believe I forgot!!!

I honestly can't believe that I forgot to mention to you guys that I am having a sale on my FB page.  I am having a one day sale every day this week (I know that doesn't sound like it makes much sense).  Until the 6th I am having a sale on Petti Rompers and Glitter Rompers today.

Petti Rompers Regularly $ only they are
$12 each.

Glitter Petti Rompers Regularly $ only they are
$14 each.
Since I forgot to tell you until the last minute, I think I will make it up to you by putting a code on here (only for you guys) so that you can get the items of your choice for less.  I am also having a new "like"/referral contest on my Facebook Page PlayfullyPerfect.  I have an album for items that you can win.  You get one entry for "liking" my page (if you haven't already), and one entry per person that you refer to my page (make sure they mention that you sent them or you won't get your entry for that referral).

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