Friday, June 22, 2012


     I'll admit, I'm a little more than excited about this one.  I love the look of crochet top dresses with sleeves.  The only problem was that if you put a newborn in one of those (even the smallest one I had), she'd be "swimming" in it.  It would be so big that you can't pick the baby up without the dress falling off.

     I had a request for a newborn crochet top dress.  You remember the 4th of July Dresses I posted about?  She liked the Silver top dress...but she wanted it for her newborn, and she wanted sleeves.  I wasn't sure how I could do that.  The smallest crochet top that I have fits infants, but not newborns (6 months is about the smallest that can fit in them), and this baby was smaller than the average newborn.  So I figured, I'd try to alter that one that I had, what's the worst that could happen?  It wouldn't work and I would have to e-mail her and tell her I can't do it...but...IT DID WORK!  And not only was I able to make the dress to a newborn size and add sleeves, but I was able to find a new technique to attach the sleeves that's quicker for me, and has a stronger hold as well.  I am so glad she asked me to try and alter a 4th of July dress because that one is on a strict time limit, so I had to figure it out NOW.

     So now I guess I can add some "newborn" dresses onto my Etsy page. YEAH!!!

     Here's the new dress.  And I just realized that I didn't add a photo of the Silver top 4th of July dress in the 4th of July dresses post.  *Ooops*  So the one on the left was the "before" that fit a size 6 month to {roughly} 3T/4T...after you get past the 3T/4T stage, you can fold the top down and wear it as a skirt up to 7 years old (give or take, depending on the size of the girl wearing it).  The one on the right is the "after" and can also be worn as a skirt after the baby has out grown it.  Remove the sleeves (ie. cut them off),  fold the top down and you have a skirt.

*Sleeves can be added to any crochet top tutu dress for an extra fee*

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